By joining forces with other likeminded industry leaders, members gain access to the Innovia co-op SharedScale of resources. Leveraging the collective strength of members, the co-op offers programs and services independent companies and communities may find difficult to achieve.

SharedScale Resources

Innovative resources are developed to bring the power of scale to independent companies and communities. The Innovia co-op alliance enhances the value of all members through the following powerful resources:



Combine community resources into one-touch mobile access with Community Base


Leverage shared marketing materials that promote the power belonging to a national network



Share best practices, industry trends and insights with like-minded entrepreneurs


Access administrative training materials and other shared materials


Save on specialized services from our retail trade partners


Receive wholesale access to home renovation products

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Comprised of the most talented and progressive companies in North America, Innovia co-op aims to empower community management companies and self-managed homeowner associations with its 30 years of co-op experience and expertise. We make it easier for you to run your communities while making everyone more profitable.