Combine Community Resources into One-Touch Mobile Access

The Innovia co-op solution

Homeowner associations and community management companies have a big job to do. Homeowners expect volunteer leaders to handle administrative tasks, manage shared amenities, keep the community safe, and ultimately increase property values for homeowners. Communications are received and delivered on multiple channels to multiple employees through phone, email, website forms and in person solutions, none of which are fully comprehensive.

Community Base is a customized mobile app for residents designed specifically for each community. Built in features like sharing, push notifications, and the contact tool enhance your existing resources by putting them in the hands of your residents with a single touch. The app merges all existing and future resources such as website(s), calendar(s), payment portal without the need for your homeowners to ever change the way they gain access to their community information, even when your company makes changes or updates! There’s no additional database to manage with Community Base, set-up takes less than 10 minutes per association and residents will always have access to all community resources in the same easily-accessible centralized location no matter how many back office improvements or software changes you make in the future.

Existing management services rolled into a single mobile app

Have an existing community website or portal homeowners are using today? Include access to existing resources with the Community Base mobile app solution.

Push notifications are the best way to communicate need to know information. Notifications sent to residents will get stored in the messages section for easy access.

Include a link to pay HOA Dues conveniently through the Community Base mobile app.

Community calendars are essential resources that homeowners often forget where to find. Access the community calendar at any time from the Community Base app.

HOA rules, regulations & other essential documents are now accessible any time from any mobile device.

Any property management resource can be added to Community Base and made accessible to homeowners via one-touch.

Access networking opportunities for community managers

  • Share best practices with other managers
  • Access instructional videos and other content
  • Easily communicate with the Innovia co-op headquarters
  • Send important information to residents using push notifications
  • Access in-app analytics reports

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