Member Benefits

Empowering Members to Maintain Growth and Success

Through exclusive benefits, members have access to valuable tools that are often cost-prohibitive for independent companies and the communities they represent.

Powerful Peer Network

The Innovia Co-op is owned by our national network independent community management member companies, all part of the collective mission to grow together. Our members share best practices, industry trends and insights with their fellow like-minded peers.

Innovative Technology

Bringing technology to the forefront of how our members do business is just one way our network of companies are creating their competitive edge. A few tech-based benefits our members have access to include:

All-in-One Mobile App for Member Communities

Combine community resources into one-touch mobile access with Community Base, instantly providing residents the opportunity to stay connected with their management company and work with local businesses on a discounted level.

Keeping Members Connected, Wherever They Are

Members stay connected, engage and collaborate with Slack. A great way to share insight, experiences, advice and suggestions – all with a focus on growing stronger together.

Exclusive Digital Marketing Services

Co-op members have the opportunity to particpate in the Innovia Online Reputation and SEO Management Program, with the option to self-manage all activity through discounted access to our third-party platform or opt-in to one of our full-service management plans – all equally designed to enhance overall online presence, build a strong digital reputation and generate new business.

Wholesale and Residential Savings

Exclusive access to discounts on vital products and services from nationwide brands.

The communities that our members manage also benefit from direct savings on specialized products and services provided by our retail trade partners.

Shared Resources 

Members can leverage shared marketing materials to generate new business opportunities and/or communicate with the communities they manage, as well as other valuable resources designed to help our network of companies work more efficiently.

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