About Our Co-op

You May Be Asking Yourself, What Exactly is Innovia?

Innovia Co-op, a division of CCA Global Partners, is an organization whose sole focus is to help privately-owned community management companies best position themselves for future growth and success. Our members are our foundation, and it’s our goal to continue growing our network and exclusive suite of innovative solutions to ensure members remain competitive against larger scale companies and achieve new levels of success, while maintaining their local focus and independence.

Fresh thinking, integrity, and delivering unparalleled service are at the heart of everything we do. We bring together likeminded members to leverage the power of scale through shared purchasing power, marketing support, and network benefits.

Director, Innovia Co-op

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Member Testimonials

I knew the “big-box” management companies were eventually going to be in my market, but as a member of Innovia we were prepared and remain competitive. We’ve really benefited from the peer-to-peer networking opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. Surrounding ourselves with a powerful network has better positioned us for future success.

Robert Klages, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Senior V.P. of Operations

Since joining Innovia four years ago, we’ve doubled our business by implementing the programs and best-practice strategies we’ve been exposed to as a member. We need to evolve and continue to grow as a company, Innovia provides us with the tools to do just that.

Ricky Zilem

Managing Partner

If you are looking to keep your independent identity and values, stay competitive in the marketplace and be on top of new innovations in our industry – Innovia Co-op is the group for you.

Jeffrey Luther

Vice President & CTO

About CCA Global Partners

As a division of CCA Global Partners, one of the nation’s leading purchasing cooperatives, our members and all living in their communities benefit from discounted products and services. By purchasing as a group we can negotiate superior prices, services and innovations, which are ultimately beneficial to co-op member communities and their residents.

The team’s expertise and ability to help a company grow are true assets to the Innovia mission. I am confident they will help grow the cooperative to be the largest community management organization in the country.

Chairman and CEO, CCA Global Partners

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