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Democratic Operations

The power in a co-op structure is that decision-making ability is distributed among all the members. With everyone having a voice, our organization provides an environment for more innovative thinking to address industry issues that may arise.

This structure also puts people at the center of everything in the community. While many management companies say they do, none have the structure like a co-op where operations depend on the human element. Every decision and action made is based on helping represented communities have a better experience.

Network Connections

A co-op also holds power in the strength and scope of its national network of members. Although each member operates their own independent community management company, they share a mission to grow and succeed by working together with their peers in the network.

The connections within a co-op network lead to competitive advantages, including access to best practices, industry insights, talent, and shared resources. Having a group of like-minded peers within reach is ideal when issues arise rather than having to deal with it alone.

Technology Upgrades

Keeping up with technological changes and taking on a digital transformation on your own can be difficult, if not impossible as an independent management company. However, the power of co-op membership makes the impossible possible by offering special access to the latest technology.

For example, having a community app may not be realistic or within the budget for your company. When resources are combined within a co-op, investment in such a valuable and convenient community tool can be made. Those within the communities are pleased to have a familiar tool to use for assessment payments and real-time community information. Other types of software can improve communications and make daily operations more efficient. You also can tap into online services for digital initiatives where there was no room in the budget to hire talent to assist. This includes important business initiatives related to marketing your company as well as managing your brand and its reputation.

Business Solutions

Beyond technology, a co-op membership can provide access to powerful partnerships with business solutions providers that address key challenges you may have faced. If you have struggled with adding efficiencies to your operation, lowering overhead costs, or finding additional revenue streams, then tapping into these co-op partnerships can provide some answers that you might not have found if you had continued to go at it alone.

Value-Added Offering

A co-op also gives you the power to offer your communities and prospective communities more of what they want or even what they didn’t realize was good to have, setting you apart through the value offered. For example, if community members see that you can give them exclusive access to discounted products and services from brands and retailers they typically use, then you have elevated your company in their eyes over other management companies.

Power Up!

Joining a co-op shows you that there really is strength in numbers. It’s an “all for one, one for all” structure that can help your independent community management company attract more business, build market leadership, and continually improve operations for sustained success.

The Million Dollar Question: What is Innovia Co-op?

While you may have heard about buying into a cooperative building in an urban area, such as New York City, our concept is very different. Innovia Co-op provides exclusive resources to bring the power of a larger scale organization, to privately-owned companies and the communities they manage. We provide true independence through a strong peer network and invaluable buying power.

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