Helping Independent Community Management Companies Generate Growth

Innovia Co-op provides exclusive resources to bring the power of a larger scale organization, to privately-owned companies and the communities they manage in more than 25 states.

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Who We Are

Our Mission

Innovia Co-op has always been dedicated to supporting independently owned community management companies, enabling them to thrive against industry consolidation and remain competitive through leveraging the scale of our collective organization.

Member Managed Associations
And Growing Every Day!

Our Vision

To empower community management companies to leverage the collective strength of our member network, while providing access to exclusive programs and services that can improve operations, reduce expenses and generate new revenue sources.

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How Members Create Their Competitive Advantage

Through voluntary benefits and solutions, it’s easy to tailor your Innovia membership experience to fit the needs of your business and the communities you represent.

Discover New Revenue Channels
Take Advantage of Exclusive Savings
Access to Valuable Partner Solutions
Implement Innovative Technology
Collaborate with a Network of Peers
Leverage Shared Resources

Hear From Our Members

I knew the “big-box” management companies were eventually going to be in my market, but as a member of Innovia we were prepared and remain competitive. We’ve really benefited from the peer-to-peer networking opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. Surrounding ourselves with a powerful network has better positioned us for future success.

Robert Klages, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Senior V.P. of Operations

Since joining Innovia four years ago, we’ve doubled our business by implementing the programs and best-practice strategies we’ve been exposed to as a member. We need to evolve and continue to grow as a company, Innovia provides us with the tools to do just that.

Ricky Zilem

Managing Partner

If you are looking to keep your independent identity and values, stay competitive in the marketplace and be on top of new innovations in our industry – Innovia Co-op is the group for you.

Jeffrey Luther

Vice President & CTO

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