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Image courtesy of First Coast News
This article was written by our valued partner Flock Safety. To learn more about the valuable services they provide to community management companies nationwide visit


In St. Augustine’s Gran Lake neighborhood, Flock Safety LPR cameras have been strategically deployed to bolster community safety and deter criminal activities, as described by Gran Lake Homeowners Association President Paul Proios. These cameras offer an additional layer of protection for residents, scanning the license plates of every vehicle entering and exiting the area. Proios emphasized the effectiveness of this technology in both identifying suspects and serving as a deterrent, sharing instances where it aided in solving crimes and holding perpetrators accountable. 

He noted that traditional surveillance cameras alone can be insufficient. License plate readers allow neighborhoods to provide crucial information to law enforcement in real-time – significantly improving the chances of resolving criminal incidents swiftly and successfully.

“If something bad were to happen, or somebody were to be kidnapped, we have an edge on that. We can know what’s going on. The Sheriff is notified immediately.”

  – Gran Lake Homeowners Association President Paul Proios

In July, the Flock Safety LPR cameras played a pivotal role in locating the vehicle of the suspects responsible for vandalizing the Gran Lake and TrailMark Community amenity centers which resulted in $12,000 of damage. By providing the LPR footage to local law enforcement, the community was able to hold the suspects accountable for the damage. 

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