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With the focus on a sense of community, more property management companies are opting to call themselves community management companies, emphasizing their role goes beyond the typical tasks. To create lasting relationships with HOA communities and their members, it’s important to show how you are positioned as part of their community rather than an outside source hired to take care of key responsibilities. 

Here are five ways you can strengthen your role and become more integrated within the communities you serve. 

1. Partner with local authorities.

Partnering with local authorities offers many benefits for the community that members will be sure to appreciate. Safety and security are always concerns to homeowners who want to be sure that they selected the right place to live — both within the HOA community and in the surrounding areas where they work, go to school, and enjoy life. That sense of security increases when they know you have a good working relationship with local authorities. 

Some examples of how you can partner with local authorities includes:

  • Give them a column in your local newsletter. 
  • Invite them to monthly meetings to provide area crime updates and share tips to minimize the risk of crime in the community. 
  • Include them in HOA events like block parties or host a health and safety fair for the community so they can hand out safety information, provide fingerprinting, and bring their vehicles for the kids to enjoy.   

2. Work with volunteer groups.

With considerable experience and expertise, you can help volunteer groups within your HOA communities to put together committees, operate the Board and Board meetings, host community events, and projects that improve their area and tighten bonds between homeowners. Many homeowners have never held these roles before, so you can educate them and provide a best practices approach so they achieve their goals. 

To support these volunteers and their efforts, you can: 

  • Provide materials and content to facilitate what they want to do.
  • Recommend and train them on tools and technology that also make their jobs easier. 
  • Direct them toward outside learning opportunities that assist them in getting the necessary skills for specific roles.

3. Work with local small businesses.

HOA members, like all consumers, enjoy getting good value for their money. By working with local small businesses, you can add to that value in many memorable and positive ways. 

  • Negotiate offers and discounts with local businesses for services and products homeowners need and want. 
  • Invite small businesses to participate in local HOA community events, such as a holiday party, fall festival, or health and wellness fair. 
  • Connect homeowners to new businesses in the area through a resources section on your website or app so they can learn about what they offer. 

Doing so will strengthen your relationship with those in your HOA communities plus build solid partnerships with local businesses for mutual benefits. 

4. Get involved with local government, public, and private organizations.

 Showing that you are always looking out for homeowners’ rights, you can reach out to local government authorities and help to promote beneficial legislation while also standing up when legislation does not make sense for those in HOA communities. 

Additionally, public and private organizations may be able to provide further value to the HOA community so it helps to build those relationships, including those who can serve as quality vendors for homeowners’ needs.

Here are some ideas to leverage this opportunity:

  • Invite local politicians to speak at your monthly meetings to share relevant legislation and other issues that may impact homeowners. 
  • Partner with local organizations to provide beneficial services, such as on-site immunization events for a 55+ HOA community or access to health care or legal assistance.
  • Create website and/or app resources pages with information on local organizations that can improve quality of life for HOA homeowners. 

5. Support the local surrounding areas. 

Although many of these tactics do support the local community, there are even more ways to become more involved that illustrates your level of care and concern for HOA homeowners. Consider these tactics:

  • Serve as a sponsor for other community events, such as farmer’s markets, parades, fairs, and conferences. 
  • Create a scholarship program that assists local HOA community family members with their academic goals and career aspirations. 
  • Find ways to help promote, fund, and support local area projects, such as community gardens, refurbishment programs, and charitable efforts. 

Innovia Takes an Active Role

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