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The month of November is most widely known as a time when we focus on gratitude and what we’re thankful for as a country. As a company, we are thankful for our clients, partners, and talented team – and this November marks something else we are truly grateful for: it’s Innovia Co-op’s ten-year anniversary! And we could not be prouder of our team’s accomplishments throughout the last decade.  

Part of appreciating what we have achieved to date involves looking back at our origins and how we have evolved over the last decade.

How it Started

In 2012, we were founded by our parent company, CCA Global Partners, with the purpose of helping to level the playing field for independent community association managers. We firmly believe that the best community management comes from locally invested, independent businesses.

Since our inception as one company developed by joining a few firms together, our goal has been to empower our member businesses. We have done this by delivering solutions that help our members and their communities thrive.

We were intent on doing things differently, becoming the first group of community management companies in the country to leverage a cooperative purchasing model. This new group-driven approach not only allowed like-minded members to thrive in a consolidated industry, but help maintain their independence while providing enhanced products and services to the communities they served.

How it’s Going

We can happily say that it’s been going well thanks to a culture that embraces change and understands that constant improvement is a competitive advantage.

In 2014, new leadership helped to infuse the company with a fresh approach to growth. Innovia was able to quickly adapt to ongoing changes in the industry. Visonary leadership enabled us to build a network of management companies that were looking to enhance efficiencies and position their companies for growth.

Strategic Changes

In 2015, Innovia initiated partnerships with many industry-leading service providers. It was also the year that Innovia’s Community Base mobile app was developed and made available to management companies and their communities. The app was designed to make vital HOA information readily available to all residents via a mobile device.

From 2016 through 2019, our growth strategy focused on generating new partnerships and relationships with the industry’s best while adding more independent community management companies to our national network.  

In 2020, Innovia Co-op introduced its first-ever CRM-based Member Center. The online portal includes valuable co-op information, where members can find exclusive benefits, proprietary products and services, partner programs, and shared content. 

Throughout 2021, Innovia experienced explosive growth in purchasing power across the largest member base in the company’s tenure. Our team has gladly taken on the important role of ensuring that our network of companies has not been majorly impacted by the uncertain times that has defined the last few years across our national and global business environments. Instead, Innovia members heavily leveraged our valued partnerships to thrive and prepare themselves for a successful 2023.

A Bright Future

As we turn ten, we first want to thank all of the members for being an integral part of our growth. Together, we have a singular vision, shared set of values, and collective knowledge and skills that will continue to enhance our mutual success.

2022 has been one of our most successful years yet! With 70+ members, representing over 8,000 communities, Innovia is on the fast-track to becoming one of the largest community management organizations in the country. We can’t wait to see what happens in the next ten years, as we grow beside our member companies! Contact us today to learn more about the difference that our co-operative model offers.