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It feels great to be able to host in-person events with our co-op again. Last month, we held our Winter Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Members attended from all over the country!

Record Turnout

We were astounded by the level of participation and support seen at our most recent Summit event. In fact, it was the most attended event in our ten-year history! Although virtual events were a great solution for when it was not possible to meet any other way, the benefits of meeting in-person are far greater.

This attendance tells us that not only do our members value in-person events, but they were also eager to work and learn from others so that they could address the current challenges and opportunities within our industry. And, when you share the same goals, meeting together in-person is an ideal way to get input on how to make progress toward achieving those goals by learning from like-minded colleagues.

Measurable Benefits

Representatives from 20 member companies were treated to a valuable experience with many takeaways to help their organizations succeed. Many of these members included those who have joined the co-op within the last couple of years. Meeting in-person helped many members get to know each better, with some learning about each other for the first time.

Our three-day conference provided members with the opportunity to enjoy networking, collaboration, and learn from those inside and outside of our organization. Topics included current and future industry trends, community management best practices, and actionable strategies for accelerating growth. There were also sessions fueled by strong industry thought leadership, impactful solutions, and ways to leverage technology. Issues, such as how to maintain business independence in a consolidating industry, were also addressed.

So many ideas come out of just a few days together. These ideas can become the basis for structured solutions and best practices that will propel our industry to the next level, raising the standard of service we deliver to each HOA organization we serve.

We also had plenty of fun outside the conference rooms! Our our networking meals and activities like golf, offered a way for our members to get to know each other more in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. And wouldn’t you know it, the weather could not have been more ideal for enjoying the outdoors together! 

See You Soon!

Thank you to everyone who traveled to Phoenix to help us make it such a valuable conference. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Planning is already in the works, based on the feedback we received about this recent event.

It’s Time to Become a Member

If you’re a community management company who is considering joining our collective group of like-minded industry professionals, these events are just one of the many ways that you can benefit from partnering with Innovia. From our thought leadership blog to partner business solutions to member discounts, Innovia continues to expand and diversify how it provides value for its members. To learn more, contact us here.