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This article was written by Steve Rando, Partner & Vice President of Waste Focus, a valued Innovia Co-op partner helping members save on waste and recycling services every day.

Did you know that homeowner associations can overspend on waste disposal and recycling by as much as 60%?

There’s truth to the phrase, “there’s money in garbage”. Unfortunately, it could be your association’s money that’s making other businesses wealthy. An ongoing challenge for many community associations is how do they effectively manage the proper disposal of solid waste and recyclables. Many of them simply do not have the time, resources or the expertise to know how to proficiently accomplish this task.
Top reasons to partner with a Waste Services consulting company:
1. Cost Effective: If you choose to outsource your waste disposal services to a reputable company, you’ll reduce your overall costs significantly. First, you’re able to save time, money, and resources by having these services managed by their professionally trained experts, enabling your staff to remain focused on their core responsibilities. Secondly, you’ll have access to economies of scale – waste consultants heavily utilize their volume purchasing power resulting in cheaper prices directly to you. As your partner, they’ll ensure you’ve got properly sized waste receptacles for your requirements and that they are on a service schedule that maximizes every dollar.
2. Industry Expertise and Experience: Waste consulting companies do nothing but effectively manage waste services. They have many years of experience dealing with all types of association challenges ranging from developing residential tote pickup programs to designing commercial compaction solutions. A seasoned company has the expertise to design and implement your waste and recycling solution from idea conception to installation. Your association is provided with peace of mind knowing your community will highly benefit from their industry knowledge and expertise.
3. Contract Management and Customized Billing: Partnering with an all-inclusive waste services company enables you to rely on them for the effective management of waste and recycling information. These companies contract directly with your association as their client. All company, customer, and contractual information is managed within their database (CRM) system. They will manage all hauler interactions and contract renewals on your behalf. The auditing department will review every monthly hauler invoice for you and alert you immediately of any red flags they identify. Your invoicing will be customized to match your needs directly. If you want invoices to be by community or by building, they will tailor your billing to meet that requirement.
4. Compliance Standards: When using a waste services consulting company, you can rest assured you remain compliant with the most recent industry standards and regulations. These regulations do change and carry strict penalties if violated. For example, if a community is not properly recycling cardboard and just throwing it into their waste container, the hauler may be flagged when dumping the truck. The community could receive a letter of non-compliance from the state Department of Environmental Protection requesting how they are going to do to rectify the situation. The consulting company will gladly manage these types of situations for your association.
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