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Is the Pod style a better structure for your HOA Management Company? 

Staffing is changing in the HOA industry – no one is surprised to hear this. HOA management has always been a high turnover industry. Years into COVID, people’s expectations have shifted wildly. Both on the employee side and on the client side. Employees expect more flexibility in their work, more independence while simultaneously having more support. This puts pressure on the employers to find a new way to manage staff. Clients have begun to expect instantaneous high touch solutions to their needs, no matter how small. As employees continue to leave and clients continue to expect more, how do we meet this challenge? 

Historically, there have been two schools of thought on how duties ought to be divided: the portfolio model and the departmental model. In the portfolio model, the HOA manager is required to wear a lot of hats. As the community manager, they need to be the friendly face of the Management Company. They need to attend meetings, settle disputes, be problem-solvers and be approachable. They are also handling the community finances, overseeing day-to-day accounting matters, they will also need to be detail-oriented and know how to read and interpret financial statements. With maintenance coordination, they must switch gears and have to be aggressive and follow up with vendors, understand the various scopes of work and have a thick skin to be able to handle cranky and rude owners or even the occasional board director who tends to be difficult to deal with sometimes.

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