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If you spend any time online, you may have started to see more posts that involve something called ChatGPT. It’s showing up in memes, forums, and conversations.

The tool had one million users within five days of its launch, making it the technology with the fastest growing user base in history. Microsoft also jumped in and invested $10 billion dollars into OpenAI.

Maybe you have already asked Siri or searched Google to get the canned definition of ChatGPT. Well, we can tell you it’s an AI (artificial intelligence) tool. We thought it might be good to ask the tool to define itself. Here’s the answer ChatGPT provided:

“I’m ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I’ve been trained on a vast amount of text data using deep learning techniques to be able to understand natural language and generate human-like responses. My purpose is to assist and provide helpful responses to the questions and prompts posed to me by users like you.”

It’s essentially a tool that can tell stories and write code for you, and it is beginning to be pegged as the next disrupting technology.

What Makes it Different Than Other AI

It sounds cool, but you might be thinking there are already language models in use for various messaging platforms. Companies have also been using AI to enhance availability, customer service, and business efficiency throughout many industries.  

But, ChatGPT is quite different from the traditional use of AI. What sets it apart is its ability to generate contextually appropriate responses. These responses are based on its training data and the input it receives, showcasing the capabilities of AI in the field of natural language processing. The result is more tasks that can be automated, saving time and money.

It is also focused on continual improvement, helping to expand what it can do. As it learns, the tool will do a better job at drafting emails, requesting data, and solving complex business problems. This frees up human staff to provide a greater experience with individual customers.

Enter STAN for the Community Management Space

As the first technology offering for the community management industry to use GPT’s Beta version, STAN has become one of our partners. Max Gajdel, Co-Founder of STAN explains, “Offering conversational AI, the tool speaks to users as if it were human. In both listening and speaking, the tool can provide answers for Community Association Managers as well as homeowners within the managed communities.”

Here are some ways it works. Homeowners may have questions about their community. Typically, they would stop by the on-site management office or call. Some may have access to a website or an app that might have the answers they seek. In all of these situations, it takes times for the homeowner and the Community Manager to handle the request.

Enter STAN, which can instantly respond to homeowners on a 24/7 basis. When receiving questions, such as “what is my account balance”; “who’s responsible for the leak in my ceiling”; and, “what time is the pool open” – STAN can immediately provide an answer. Of course, STAN can also cover any other topic which may not involve the community as it learns about anything and everything that comes from its conversations with others.

STAN is also able to integrate with any property management software, syncing to homeowners’ managed community account. This means that STAN can:

  • Provide current information about account balances, outstanding dues, and upcoming fees;
  • Take service requests that are submitted directly to the portal through STAN;
  • Give updates on existing service requests; and
  • Access community-specific forms and documents directly from a community’s portal

When starting to use STAN, the tool consumes all the information unique to that community, such as the CC&Rs, available amenities, location, events, and any available reports like reserve studies.

Tremendous Benefits to Address Ongoing Business Challenges

STAN is already trusted by thousands of associations across North America because of the enhanced resident experience it has provided along with the improvement in team efficiency and productivity.

The tool has also proven to reduce burnout and after-hour calls for community managers so they can focus on the big picture issues and nurture relationships with community members.

Additional Value for Innovia Co-Op Members

Our purpose in using a co-operative business model is to continually increase the value we can offer our membership by looking for partnerships and solutions. In this business model, it is easier to share and benefit from bringing everyone together rather than servicing each member separately. STAN is just another example of the many additional benefits we’re working to make available for 2023 and beyond.

 Not yet a member? Having access to today’s most advanced technology like STAN, the ability to connect with like-minded industry colleagues to share knowledge and expertise, and benefit from community discounts are all good reasons why you should become part of our co-op. Click here to get started!