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Although it’s important to continually ensure your existing community clients are enjoying the best experience from your property management company, it is also important to focus on achieving continued growth.

To bring new community clients on board, you will need to have an effective marketing strategy in place that in some way includes advertising.

Start with Consistent Messaging

Before deciding on what type of channels you want to advertise your community management company on, you should prepare a document that highlights the key themes to ensure consistent messaging across all advertising efforts.

Having a consistent message is important because your potential community clients may come across your advertising on different platforms during their research. You will want to make sure they see the same look, feel, and messaging so they are not confused about who you are and what you can offer. Plus, consistency will help with branding and can reinforce what you want your audience to remember about you. To create consistent messaging:

  • Review what you use for other marketing initiatives to align advertising content to those themes;
  • Create advertising content based on a list of benefits you use to drive your client acquisition strategy;
  • Work with other members of your team to get a consensus on what’s most important to emphasize as part of your prospect communications; and
  • Optimize all your advertising and marketing content with the keywords that your prospects will be using during their search for the right community management partner.

Digital Advertising Tactics

Online channels have become the go-to source for information across all types of industries, including community management. Your competition is most likely already on those channels, so you will need to find which channels reach your target audience and then create digital advertising that sets you apart from the rest

Here are some digital advertising tactics to add to your strategy:

  • Social media will help you reach a larger audience while still specifically targeting your prospects to get in front of them across multiple channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook/Instagram for Business. You will be able to engage with prospects through video content, articles, thought leadership on industry trends and event invites. As you encourage them to reach out for more information, you can also use the social media analytics on these sites to improve your advertising based on the results of each social media post or campaign.
  • Podcast sponsorships and ads will help you reach out to prospects as part of one of the most popular digital channels now used by businesses to get more information and insights on how to run their businesses. Look through podcast directories for those that appeal to your audience and then reach out to learn more about their advertising options.
  • Google Ads and resources like Google My Business will provide you with another way to reach out to your prospects on a targeted geographical level. Since you may serve certain cities and counties with your professional community management services, this digital advertising strategy can be very effective if executed properly.
  • Online business directories will connect you with prospects who are actively seeking out the services you offer. Joining online business directories will also bolster your search engine optimization efforts adding another way to feature your top keywords.
  • Online review sites will deliver multiple benefits, including investing in these sites’ advertising programs as well as asking your current clients to post reviews that highlight their positive experience working with your community management company.

Does Traditional Advertising Still Work?

Although digital advertising channels are where you will tend to find your community management prospects, you also do not want to give up traditional advertising methods completely. That’s because many companies still like to receive information that they can touch like a flyer, direct mail piece, or print ad.

Other traditional advertising ideas include advertising during local community and area events, such as fundraiser sponsorships as well as rotary and chamber of commerce events and seminars.

Pay Attention to Critical Marketing Elements

It’s very important to make sure that the traffic you gain from your advertising efforts has somewhere to go, so you can start converting prospects into clients. Typically, you want the traffic to go to your website or a specific campaign landing page, so it is important to have a professional online presence that:

  • Works across all devices;
  • Loads quickly;
  • Provides easy navigation; and
  • Offers compelling content to convert your prospects, including case studies that illustrate your unique benefits and guides and articles to help prospects improve their business (blog posts, infographics, how-to videos, whitepapers, and e-books).

Partner With a Knowledgeable Advertising Resource

At Innovia Co-op, our members have access to a suite of marketing design and strategy development services, offered at significantly discounted rates, such as:

  • Digital Ads & Banners
  • Social Media Ads
  • Animated & Stock Footage Promotional Videos
  • Informational & Whiteboard Videos
  • Digital Documents & Brochures
  • Digital eBooks
  • ClientPoint Proposal Templates
  • Digital Infographics

For more traditional advertising needs, Innovia also offers postcard, posters and other collateral material design solutions. Contact us now to learn more about becoming member and taking the next step to elevating advertising efforts.