So, You Missed Innovia co-op’s winter summit…

Here’s what member companies from the community association management industry walked away with…

It’s only been a few weeks since we wrapped up Innovia co-op’s winter Summit and its packed agenda with the theme: Stronger Together. 

It was an incredible opportunity to reflect on our membership and our community of over 1.1 million residents, and our biggest takeaway was crystal clear: the only direction we’re heading is up!

Over the course of three enlightening days in Maryland’s National Harbor – our agenda focused on making the most of our cooperative’s impressive scale to make a difference for the independent CAM businesses we’re proud to call members and the communities they proudly serve across the country.

What Members Walked Away With

At the end of our time at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, members walked away with quite a lot to think about and act on. With exclusive new benefits to open up valuable new savings and revenue streams for clients, digital marketing tactics to try, and active discussion on the most pressing needs from members- this year’s winter convention tee’d up 2019 to be an incredible year of growth for our cooperative.

Not a Member? Here’s What You Missed:

  1. Exclusive New Savings & Revenue Opportunities

    From easement negotiations, cellular leases, and right of entry agreements to incredible bulk service agreements for video & internet services…

  2. Members were introduced to our newest vendor partnerships:

    Featuring HOA credit reporting, vendor compliance screening, and exclusive pricing for employee training.

  3. Innovia demonstrated the powerful simplicity of the CommunityBase app

    Hundreds of Associations have adopted the CommunityBase App. Interested in learning how the app can improve your business and resident communications? Learn more here.

  4. New for ‘19 – Innovia leadership outlined new resources and focuses for the year

    Including a revitalized digital focus, plans for powerful new member tools, and strategies for the continued growth of the co-op.

  5. Members learned how to market BIG

    The Innovia co-op team took members on a crash course on growing business through digital marketing, reputation management, search engine marketing , and more…

Member Spotlight: Mark D. Jones, The Avalon Management Group

Mark D. Jones, AMS®, PCAM®, has over thirty-five years of experience in the HOA management industry.  He is the President of The Avalon Management Group, AAMC, serving over 30,000 homes from three offices in Southern California.

Mr. Jones is the founder of the Greater Inland Empire Chapter of CAI, one of the original twelve founders of the California Association of Community Managers, and one of the seven founders of Innovia co-op.

Volunteer Work and Accomplishments

His industry volunteer work encompasses teaching management operations and technology at CEOMC Retreats, speaking at multiple regional seminars on topics that cover everything from budgeting to strategic planning, and sharing his expertise as a member of the California Legislative Action Committee for over eight years. Also, he has served as Board Member, Committee Member, and President of the local chapter of CAI on multiple occasions. Recently, Mr. Jones was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Community Association Research.

Numerous industry accolades enhance his list of accomplishments. He is the recipient of the CLAC Silver Star Award as well as a three-time recipient of the Innovation of the Year award. Also, Mr. Jones has been elected to the GRIE CAI Hall of Fame and was the featured management expert at the only CAI-affiliated conference in China. More than ten communities under his supervision have been named Association of the Year.

This recognition is closely tied to his philosophy on work and life. He is a constant learner, innovator, and strong proponent of Board Member education and collaboration between management companies.

Enhancing Resident Experience with Co-op Resources

In response to the challenges posed by the creation of national management conglomerates, he has leveraged numerous resources provided by Innovia co-op to improve marketing, lower operational costs, and launch innovative tools that would otherwise be out of reach for a regional-sized company. Without the collaboration of member CEOs and the tools available through these combined resources, Avalon would not be as competitive as it is today.

Of the many tools Innovia shares, the resident mobile app known as Community Base has been the most effective. With mobile use now representing 98.2% of how HOA residents access their community information, it’s become mission critical to deliver a customized mobile app for each community. That’s because one of the biggest challenges with overseeing multiple associations has been creating the level of personalization necessary for residents and potential association homeowners who have come to expect this type of service experience in the digital age.

To address this challenge, Avalon Management Group has leveraged the Community Base app to develop and deliver unique content that residents in each community feel represents them.  Also, adding more content and upgrading association websites with visual and written content have been a way to attract more homeowners who are interested in these communities. This drives greater demand for these communities as well as helps maintain or even increase home values.

Want to know how the Community Base app can benefit your communities? Learn more here.

Many of Avalon’s community websites includes a personal welcome video from the association president with an overview of the community’s amenities. There is also a video that showcases the local area so prospective residents can see what it’s like to live there. New features were added to enhance the overall experience for residents and encourage them to frequently visit and interact with their association online. Providing more information to help residents with their daily lives also illustrates the differentiating value that an HOA offers. These content-rich features include local area news, a meeting and events calendar, community links, an account portal, and documents and forms.

Since rolling out these additional features, residents have been extremely positive, according to feedback they have supplied by responding to an online survey found on their community website. Avalon’s goal is to continue upgrading the website and mobile app based on residents’ suggestions across all of its associations.

To learn more about Avalon please visit

Innovia Member Appointed to Foundation for Community Association B.O.D.

Innovia co-op is proud to congratulate Innovia member, Mark Jones CEO of The Avalon Management Group, Inc. AAMC® on his appointment to the Board of Directors of the Foundation For Community Association Research. This organization has been providing accurate, insightful, and timely information for homeowners, association board members, community managers, developers and others since 1975.

Regarding his appointment, Mr. Jones remarked on LinkedIn:

“I am honored to join this distinguished panel and participate in shaping the future of the community association industry. We have a shared philosophy to create an ongoing learning environment that directs how to address unique issues, identify best practices and technology that drive continual improvement for these communities, and leverage new management methods to promote partnerships between associations and homeowners.”

The Avalon Management Group is an accredited HOA management company that has provided exceptional service experiences to homeowners’ associations for over 35 years. This Innovia member combines in-depth industry knowledge, innovative technology, and a homeowner-focused management approach to help Southern California communities thrive.

To learn more about Avalon please visit

To learn more about the Foundation For Community Association Research visit


The Innovia Winter Roundup

The holiday season brings its own unique set of challenges to the community management industry. This year, members from across the country have weighed in with their advice and insights on everything from gift giving to community safety (the best, and worst places to be cooking your eggnog). Members have also discussed and shared articles on winter weather clean-up and maintenance, as well as how to deal with an influx of deliveries.

Today, we’re sharing some of the top articles that will help you plan ahead so you’re not only surviving the holidays- but thriving during the months leading up to a successful new year.

Safety First with PS Property Management

PS Property Management shares critical information for keeping your communities secure during what should be the most joyful time of the year. Crime prevention and safety protocol are discussed in this short but important article. Did you know more than 400 residential fires involve Christmas trees, resulting in as many as 40 deaths and 100 injuries! This is worth the read to keep your associations safe.

“Christmas is a great time for family gatherings, worship, great food, and of course all the presents.  Despite all the great times and jolly smiles, there are always a few horror stories you hear about this time of year. To keep this Christmas season merry, here a few safety and crime prevention tips to help protect you and your family during this great time of year.”

Christmas Safety Tips for your HOA Community

Member: PS Property Management
Location: Texas

Bring People Together with Association Management Group

These 7 tips from Association Management can help your HOA’s plan for events during the holiday season! There might not be much snow in this southern state, but Association Management is making sure the true meaning of the holiday season- togetherness – is at the forefront of their minds. From charitable giving, to recipe exchanges – check out this article for fun ways to bring people together in your communities.

“Community events come in many varieties with many different purposes. The holidays are the best time of year to get people involved.  Regardless of the purpose or the sponsor, involvement in community events can benefit all involved.”

7 Event Ideas Your HOA Can Plan for Community Togetherness During the Holiday Season 

Member: Association  Management Group
Location: North Carolina

In snowier news, you will want to review these 10 tips (shared on social by Innovia member, AMG) before the winter weather hits. This article also describes the difference between a winter storm WATCH, a winter storm WARNING, and a BLIZZARD WARNING – all of which are extremely important to understand. Preview one of the tips below.

“If the local weather reports are telling you that a blizzard is going to hit, be sure to charge all of your cell phones before the power goes out. Sometimes a cell phone is the only contact you have with the outside world during a storm. And, in the event you need help in a hurry, you won’t want to be without phone service! So, charge your cell phones ahead of time and then don’t use them except for emergencies during the storm.”

10 Ways To Prepare Your Home & Family For A Winter Snow Storm Or A Blizzard

Shared by: Association Management Group written by: Weather Guide

On behalf of Innovia co-op, we wish you a very happy holiday season. We hope the co-op has helped enhance your business this year, and continues to provide valuable resources, benefits, and community!