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  1. We can help you retain and gain clients – You work hard to gain and retain every client you have. Through the innovative services and resources available to you by becoming a member, you have the opportunity differentiate your company in your marketplace. Our cost savings programs and exclusive homeowner benefits site, My Innovia Perks means you can offer your clients something your competitors can’t. You gain all this while still remaining an independently owned business. At Innovia, we’re giving you the tools you need to become a bigger and better business, while still staying true to your small business roots.
  2. We can help to cut your costs – Running an HOA management company is an intensive job – both financially and mentally. Why not cut down on some of these costs and make your life a little easier? Our combined buying power allows us to negotiate better prices and higher discounts for things like payroll services, office supplies, printings and mailings, fuel, and much more. We can also help you free up some time. Our social media management program allows you to stay fresh and relevant online without having to do anything. We also have a robust hiring program where we can help you find and hire the right people for open positions at your company.
  3. We can help you stand out – Our marketing strategies and social media management program are designed to get you more exposure by being a member. Your membership also means you are connected to some of the best management companies nation-wide, all working together for the mutual benefit of the entire membership. As a cooperative everyone involved is vested in helping each succeed.

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