Holiday light post

The holiday season brings its own unique set of challenges to the community management industry. This year, members from across the country have weighed in with their advice and insights on everything from gift giving to community safety (the best, and worst places to be cooking your eggnog). Members have also discussed and shared articles on winter weather clean-up and maintenance, as well as how to deal with an influx of deliveries.

Today, we’re sharing some of the top articles that will help you plan ahead so you’re not only surviving the holidays- but thriving during the months leading up to a successful new year.

Safety First with PS Property Management

PS Property Management shares critical information for keeping your communities secure during what should be the most joyful time of the year. Crime prevention and safety protocol are discussed in this short but important article. Did you know more than 400 residential fires involve Christmas trees, resulting in as many as 40 deaths and 100 injuries! This is worth the read to keep your associations safe.

“Christmas is a great time for family gatherings, worship, great food, and of course all the presents.  Despite all the great times and jolly smiles, there are always a few horror stories you hear about this time of year. To keep this Christmas season merry, here a few safety and crime prevention tips to help protect you and your family during this great time of year.”

Christmas Safety Tips for your HOA Community

Member: PS Property Management
Location: Texas

Bring People Together with Association Management Group

These 7 tips from Association Management can help your HOA’s plan for events during the holiday season! There might not be much snow in this southern state, but Association Management is making sure the true meaning of the holiday season- togetherness – is at the forefront of their minds. From charitable giving, to recipe exchanges – check out this article for fun ways to bring people together in your communities.

“Community events come in many varieties with many different purposes. The holidays are the best time of year to get people involved.  Regardless of the purpose or the sponsor, involvement in community events can benefit all involved.”

7 Event Ideas Your HOA Can Plan for Community Togetherness During the Holiday Season 

Member: Association  Management Group
Location: North Carolina

In snowier news, you will want to review these 10 tips (shared on social by Innovia member, AMG) before the winter weather hits. This article also describes the difference between a winter storm WATCH, a winter storm WARNING, and a BLIZZARD WARNING – all of which are extremely important to understand. Preview one of the tips below.

“If the local weather reports are telling you that a blizzard is going to hit, be sure to charge all of your cell phones before the power goes out. Sometimes a cell phone is the only contact you have with the outside world during a storm. And, in the event you need help in a hurry, you won’t want to be without phone service! So, charge your cell phones ahead of time and then don’t use them except for emergencies during the storm.”

10 Ways To Prepare Your Home & Family For A Winter Snow Storm Or A Blizzard

Shared by: Association Management Group written by: Weather Guide

On behalf of Innovia co-op, we wish you a very happy holiday season. We hope the co-op has helped enhance your business this year, and continues to provide valuable resources, benefits, and community!