Innovia co-op empowers progressive, independent community management companies and self-managed communities to leverage the power of an exclusive network of industry leaders. Utilizing the scale of its cumulative members, associations and homeowners, Innovia co-op delivers the benefits of larger scale organizations to independently-owned companies.

What is Innovia co-op?

Entrepreneurially-independent Community Management professionals work together to increase profit, grow and innovate. Members profit from the purchasing power of the collective by receiving shared savings, which can be shared with their clients and homeowners. The co-op network is comprised of successful industry leaders who benefit from scalable marketing programs. And, in turn, Member associations and homeowners gain access to valuable resources, resulting in increased efficiencies.

Power in numbers

Our mission is to empower independent community management companies and self-managed communities to positively impact the community management industry.

Innovia co-op members

Members guide co-op development: Innovia co-op listens to the challenges of its members and creates powerful resources that empower members to be increasingly competitive. The collective power of the network helps independent companies become most successful.