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Striving to provide the best HOA Management in Washington State

Managing a community is a multi-faceted task that required absolute attention to detail, expert communication, effective management skills, and in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing condo & homeowners associations in Washington State.

Comprehensive, locally owned & operated HOA management for WA

Navigate Community Management’s vision is to be Washington state’s community association management provider of choice, regardless of community size, type, or budget. From consulting services to full-time, on-site management Navigate is dedicated to helping every Washington community with better, simpler, more efficient management.

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When it comes to HOA Management in Washington State, Navigate Knows the way

By created comprehensive and flexible condo and HOA management plans for HOAs throughout Washington State, Navigate community management has guided hundreds of condo and homeowner associations to greater value and prosperity in the place it matters most: home.

  • Flexible management plans: Navigate understands every community is different. That means, no two plans are the same. Flexibility is essential.

  • Modern tools: From online owner and board portals to everyday operations, Navigate understands responsiveness is key in HOA management and combines expertise with technology to make a difference.

  • Expert consultation: Remember: this is home. Board members face a complex array of situations where expertise can make a major difference between harmony and tension.  Navigate knows the way.

What residents & HOA board members are saying about Navigate Community Management

“Navigate took over the management of the condominium complex last year from our previous management company. The owner, Nicolas was hands-on, was able to take on all of the workload. That included understanding the variety of on-going and upcoming projects, the rental situation and the many other aspects of managing a community with 120+ units. Navigate also modernized the way our meetings were run by moving much of the detail we looked at online, including moving our membership to an online payment that included sharing important documents with the membership. Overall, I’m very pleased with they way Navigate has transitioned management, the improvements they’ve brought both to our board meetings and the everyday running of the complex.
Stephen L.
“Boutique tailored management for your community is not just a line for this company […]
“I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at Navigate for implementing positive changes with short notice, bringing our community back up to local codes and standards, managing difficult homeowners (sorry, that’s a reality in any community), coaching the Board on new regulations, utilizing technology for easy dues payments/management and tracking work order requests. If you’re on the hunt, call this team up. They’re phenomenal.”
Emily G.
I have had great success with Majerle Management Inc. They manage my condo association at Brinkley Overlook and have been nothing but professional. Ms. MaShawn Hall is always spot on, professional and prompt anytime I need assistance regarding my property or getting necessary forms I may need completed. I have been very pleased with her performance and assistance with my needs.
Sharon G.
Condominium Owner
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Locally established, nationally supported

As an industry leader and member of Innovia co-op, the nation’s largest cooperative of CAM companies, Navigate communities gain exclusive access to greater purchasing power, vendor relationships, discounts, and more.

What does that mean for homeowners and boards? Greater efficiencies, better partnerships, and happier communities.


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