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Serving the Houston area with impeccable HOA management services

Crest Management company was founded in 1993 with 5 associations. To this day, the team at Crest still manages 4 of those 5 original associations, because satisfaction and good relationships have always remained a core company value. 

Crest’s mission is to be “Your community partner” and each of their services are designed to achieve the goals of your community economically and efficiently.

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When communities in the Houston area need HOA management – Crest endeavors to offer the expertise, integrity, and professionalism that make a difference.

As a locally owned and founder-led company, Crest’s vision is to provide the best available community association management services in the Houston area. 

Crest is a member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and 1 of 10 management companies in the Houston area to have earned the Accredited Association Management (AAMC®) designation

Crest Management Company’s Services

Crest offers HOA management services focused on creating better, more valuable, and more efficiently operated communities. Their primary specialties include:

Comprehensive financial management services ensure your board makes sound business decisions

Innovative tools ensure Crest can effectively communicate and meet the needs of boards and homeowners

Crest protects every owners investment through consistent, transparent, and fair compliance enforcement 

Crest supports effective management through ongoing education, integrity, and strong relationships.

Regular inspections and thoughtfully implemented maintenance programs ensure every homeowner enjoys home.

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Locally established, nationally supported


As an industry leader and member of Innovia co-op, the nation’s largest cooperative of CAM companies, Crest communities gain exclusive access to greater purchasing power, vendor relationships, discounts, and more. 

What does that mean for homeowners and boards? Greater efficiencies, better partnerships, and happier communities. 


Crest Management Company

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