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A proud provider of HOA Management in Idaho

Boardwalk Association Management is wholly dedicated to easing the administrative duties of HOA boards for communities of all kinds throughout Idaho. Better yet, as a memer of Innovia co-op – the nation’s largest cooperative of community association management companies – Boardwalk Association Management offers its communities even more.

How Boardwalk approaches community association management in Idaho.

Boardwalk Association Management strives to create a sense of community by taking a proactive approach to HOA management – paying attention to every detail that stands to preserve or increase community property values.

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Giving communities in Idaho the peace of mind that their condo or HOA association is in good hands

Why did you  get involved with your HOA board? Chances are it wasn’t to deal with day-to-day administrative tasks or to enforce rules, but to actually improve your community.

HOA management from Boardwalk allows board members to focus on the big picture, which leaves day-to-day burdens to your management team. 

  • HOA financial services: Handling the finances of a community isn’t always easy. Professional HOA financial services include budgeting, billing, tax preparation, filing, and collecting dues.

  • Community communication: Notifying homeowners of meetings, distributing minutes, sending important community updates, creating newsletters, and communicating bylaws are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Project management  and supervision: Supervision of contractors and vendors for construction, maintenance, and other special projects

  • Enforcement: Collecting dues, filing liens, and enforcing CC&R’s on behalf of your board makes enforcement easier and less stressful.

Locally established, nationally supported


As an industry leader and member of Innovia co-op, the nation’s largest cooperative of CAM companies, Boardwalk communities gain exclusive access to greater purchasing power, vendor relationships, discounts, and more. 

What does that mean for homeowners and boards? Greater efficiencies, better partnerships, and happier communities. 


Boardwalk Association Management

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