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Offering communities the best available HOA management experience for decades

Through a combination of in depth industry knowledge, modern technology, and a homeowner focused management approach – Avalon Management has served Southern California HOAs for over 30 years.

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Providing full service HOA management to communities near Canyon Lake, CA

Avalon Management’s certified team of HOA and community management professionals offer Southern California’s most discerning communities comprehensive and customized HOA management focused on homeowner satisfaction.

Avalon’s industry leading expertise combines with modern, online tools to offer communities management that’s efficient, effective, and easy to access.


  • HOA Administration: assistance with correspondence, meetings, enforcement, and other day to day matters

  • HOA financial management: preparation of monthly budgets, annual budget prep, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, and more

  • Homeowner communication: from common area access to everyday homeowner correspondence – Avalon Management has provided a solution to communities of all kinds that’s constantly focused on effective homeowner communication

Locally established, nationally supported


As an industry leader and member of Innovia co-op, the nation’s largest cooperative of CAM companies, Avalon communities gain exclusive access to greater purchasing power, vendor relationships, discounts, and more.

What does that mean for homeowners and boards? Greater efficiencies, better partnerships, and happier communities.

The Avalon Management Group (Canyon Lake)

31608 Railroad Canyon Road
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
United States (US)
Phone: 951-244-0048

  • The Avalon Management Group (Canyon Lake)

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