So, You Missed Innovia co-op’s winter summit…

Here’s what member companies from the community association management industry walked away with…

It’s only been a few weeks since we wrapped up Innovia co-op’s winter Summit and its packed agenda with the theme: Stronger Together. 

It was an incredible opportunity to reflect on our membership and our community of over 1.1 million residents, and our biggest takeaway was crystal clear: the only direction we’re heading is up!

Over the course of three enlightening days in Maryland’s National Harbor – our agenda focused on making the most of our cooperative’s impressive scale to make a difference for the independent CAM businesses we’re proud to call members and the communities they proudly serve across the country.

What Members Walked Away With

At the end of our time at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, members walked away with quite a lot to think about and act on. With exclusive new benefits to open up valuable new savings and revenue streams for clients, digital marketing tactics to try, and active discussion on the most pressing needs from members- this year’s winter convention tee’d up 2019 to be an incredible year of growth for our cooperative.

Not a Member? Here’s What You Missed:

  1. Exclusive New Savings & Revenue Opportunities

    From easement negotiations, cellular leases, and right of entry agreements to incredible bulk service agreements for video & internet services…

  2. Members were introduced to our newest vendor partnerships:

    Featuring HOA credit reporting, vendor compliance screening, and exclusive pricing for employee training.

  3. Innovia demonstrated the powerful simplicity of the CommunityBase app

    Hundreds of Associations have adopted the CommunityBase App. Interested in learning how the app can improve your business and resident communications? Learn more here.

  4. New for ‘19 – Innovia leadership outlined new resources and focuses for the year

    Including a revitalized digital focus, plans for powerful new member tools, and strategies for the continued growth of the co-op.

  5. Members learned how to market BIG

    The Innovia co-op team took members on a crash course on growing business through digital marketing, reputation management, search engine marketing , and more…

Community Base App is Fundamentally Changing the way Communities Connect

Innovia co-op has introduced an all-in-one app for residents to access all existing homeowner association and community management resources in the same place.

Created specifically for each community association to create a welcoming experience for the user, and convenient communication tool for managers, Community Base is designed to be streamlined and efficient.

The innovative, user-friendly app gives residents the convenience of one touch access to communicate with their community management team while Community Base’s push notifications increase effective outbound communication by Management. Notifications sent to residents will get stored in the messages section for easy access later on.

The unique opportunity provided by Community Base is that the app merges all existing and future resources into a single location.

“This app simplifies life and business for both residents and management companies. Residents no longer have to remember the URL for their association’s website, their account portal, or how to contact management when the need arises. It’s all on their phone! One touch and they’re exactly where they want or need to be, less stressed and no necessity to contact management for login help. Another added bonus is quick and easy set-up, which makes implementing the app a breeze for management,” explains Nick Zuccala, Business Development Manager of Innovia co-op.

Community Base gives management firms control to provide a single solution regardless of what software company they are using, who provides the website(s), payment portal, and hosts documents; with Community Base the firm and/or association can aggregate everything into a single source (regardless of the technology) at a very low annual fee. Best yet, there are no additional databases to manage. Residents will always have real-time access to all community resources in the same easily-accessible centralized location no matter how many back office improvements or software changes you make in the future.

Community Base launched January, 2018.

New partnership with VIVE offers exclusive Innovia member benefits

Innovia cop-op is excited to announce a new trade partnership with Vendor Information Verification Experts (VIVE), a national firm providing compliance verification of vendor insurance, trade licensing, government watch list validation, and document retention, to the community association management industry. With this trade partnership in place, Innovia co-op members will receive member pricing when selecting the VIVE product solution.

“We continue to broaden our product offering with additional value-added features benefiting both management companies and vendors,” said Joseph Bushey, President of VIVE.  “We see ourselves as more than just a firm who tracks and reviews insurance COI’s.  Our goal is to reduce the burden of compliance for the management company at the same time increasing exposure for the participating vendors.”

Regarding the partnership, Mary Hurand, President of Innovia co-op added that the community management cooperative – now representing over 1.1 million units across the country – is excited to implement VIVE’s program. She said, “VIVE’s cutting edge program provides a user friendly experience, which is exactly what business owners in our industry need to proactively implement a better risk management system for their firms and clients. As a cooperative, we’re proud that the scale of our organization has made this valuable partnership a reality for our Members.”

The Year, The co-op, the Future

Across the country, community management professionals work with a wide variety of factors that impact their residents, communities, and businesses. With outside influences ranging from technology and public policy to weather emergencies and shifting demographics, fielding everyday resident requests is only the beginning. 

In such a dynamic climate, it’s crucial for CAM entrepreneurs to stay agile. This year, Innovia co-op members continue to prove that cooperation makes harnessing that agility a simpler task with the collective scale that grants members access to greater savings, cutting-edge technology, and valuable partnerships.

With the help of co-op resources and relationships, members thrive together while retaining the flexibility of independent ownership. The result? Another year of growth – and exciting opportunities to come.

Looking for the (member’s only) Innovia LinkedIn group? Join the discussion with this link

The Benefits of Being in a Small Business Co-op

Innovia is a cooperative business. That means we are a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the supplying of services, operated for our members for their mutual benefit. Our purpose is to bring together independently owned management companies to leverage economies of scale so you can get better prices on products and services without having to give up any control or independence. Being in a co-op definitely has its benefits when it comes to costs, services, and available resources. Want to know what Innovia’s co-op benefits are? We have some of the best reasons why belonging to a co-op is great for your HOA management company.

We’re Designed to Help You Succeed without Giving Up Your Independence

We were developed for one reason only – to benefit our members by creating services, resources, and innovative programs that allow them to succeed. Our co-op benefits are designed around the needs of our HOA management companies and what they require to become successful and this is always foremost in our minds. We aim to make sure passionate entrepreneurs like you can keep your independence but still enjoy pricing and services comparable to large companies.

We understand what it means to be an HOA Management Company

Being a HOA management company is an exciting, fast-paced, and sometimes, exhausting venture and we understand this. That’s why our many different co-op benefits are tailored made for this industry – from our superior pricing on coupon books, to discounted payroll services, to getting a deal on every day office supplies, we’re here to help.

We connect you with other businesses just like yours

This doesn’t mean being connected to just any other management companies; this means being connected to other management companies just like yours. Our members are looking to the future and working together with other like-minded companies to move their businesses forward. One of the best benefits of being in a co-op like Innovia is having a whole network of different business owners united for the mutual benefit of everyone, we’re all here to help answer questions, solve problems, and give advice.

Our co-op benefits will help to put you and your HOA management company in the right setting to succeed while retaining your independence.

Do you have questions about our co-op benefits and services? Contact us here today!